It would seem that my quest for the best taco in the world has hit a snag… St Petersburg has too many options for great tacos! From the traditional to the deliciously weird, tacos rule this foodie town! 

So where are some favorite taco joints?


  1. Red Mesa Cantina

Located in the heart of downtown, Red Mesa Cantina has perfected the taco… (and everything else in my opinion.). Red Mesa Cantina leans more modern in their tacos with flavors like sweet potato and chorizo, duck confit with goat cheese and red chile jelly (pictured below), and ahi tuna with wasabi aioli and soy orange coulis.  No matter what kind of taco you get, I promise you a flavor packed punch with every bite!


Red Mesa Cantina tops our list for unique flavors, perfect ambiance, best patio, and best margarita! While you’re there, check out one of their two rooftop bars! If you love the food at Red Mesa Cantina, be sure to check out their sister restaurants; Red Mesa Restaurant and Red Mesa Mercado.  





2. Casita Taqueria


Are you are a more traditional, Mexican taco lover? If so, then either location of Casita Taqueria will tickle your tastebuds! Casita Taqueria prides itself on traditional Mexican flavors and they only use the freshest items available to make their homemade corn tortilla tacos and homemade salsas! 


You can taste the pride in every bite with slow cooked meats, homemade tortillas, and fresh ingredients.  Chow down on traditional favorites like carne asada, barbacoa, pollo tinga, and more! 

Casita Taqueria tops our list for traditional Mexican food with a fun, relaxed atmosphere complete with ample outdoor seating! Oh! And if you have been looking for the infamous white queso, you can find it here! 




3. Numex Chile


Numex Chile is not traditional Mexican food but rather it is New Mexican cuisine.  If you like a bit of a savory tang to your tacos, then you will love it here! They harness the powers of the Hatch chile pepper in all of their delicious foods! 


Tacos are actually a very small portion of Numex’s menu, but they are so delicious and unique I had to include them on our list! While the selection is somewhat limited, the tacos are all fresh, delicious, and filling! Enjoy flavors like ground beef, tempeh, soyrizo, and chicken.  The restaurant is charmingly small and refreshingly modern and open with plenty of outdoor seating.  


Numex tops our list for New Mexican tacos with a bit of a kick! Discover the Hatch chile and all of the flavor you have been missing out on and enjoy the food of the southwest! 



4. Better Byrd 


  Perhaps you are not so adventurous and you prefer the comforts of American style tacos? Then Better Byrd wins this category! Better Byrd combines the shape of a taco with all of the flavors of their chicken sandwiches and it is a delicious win for even the pickiest of eaters!  


Explore options like pulled chicken with bbq, slaw, and fried jalapeño, or pulled chicken with pineapple, jalapeño, parmesan cheese, and their extremely addictive cluck sauce.  These tacos are filled to the brim with flavor and food! 


     Better Byrd tops our list for American style tacos and a great place for good food, fast! While you are there, make sure to pick up some mini doughnuts! These tiny treats are obsession inspiring! 





5. Tijuana Flats


If Tex-Mex is your favorite taco style then Tijuana Flats is your new go-to! The hot sauce bar alone is a reason to visit! No matter how spicy you like it, they can make it happen! Some of their sauces aren’t exactly PG rated in their names…. so leave the kiddos behind on your visits to the hot sauce bar. 


Dig into hard or soft tacos with traditional Tex-Mex flavors like blackened chicken, steak, black bean, or crispy fish. Make sure you ‘make it wet’ by adding queso or switch it up by adding different hot sauces! Explore their ‘flat outrageous’ tacos that offer guests more unique flavor combinations!


Tijuana Flats tops our list for best Tex-Mex, best service, and best hot sauce selection! Get saucy, cheesy, and/or spicy! Just enjoy!





Okay folks. Moral of the story here? Tacos are the best. Tacos are life. Tacos win best category of food ever. There is no such thing as a bad taco. (I firmly believe that even a “bad” taco is still a taco so it’s pretty darn delicious…)



We don't like our clients to be hangry (hungry and angry). So we made it our mission to be helpful in the local business and foodie department! We will happily help you with all of your real estate needs... but first, tacos!