Last week we told you all about the pros and cons of buying a new construction home.  Since then, we have had a few clients inquire upon new construction versus a remodeled preexisting home.  

Preexisting homes generally have a lower price tag than a similar home that is new construction. In addition to a lower price tag, a lot of those extras that buyers tend to overlook are already taken care of.  (Examples: window treatments, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc). 

The downside of a preexisting, remodeled home is the risk of buying a beautiful home with poor craftsmanship.  Luckily, this is easily avoided.  Don’t fly blind! Only buy a remodeled home using an expert.  This is where we come in! Our agents are trained to recognize good work and pay attention to details.  We provide extra education to all of our agents with remodeled homes in mind.  This means our agents can show you possible areas of concern.  If you choose to put an offer in, a full home inspection will ensure that you are making a wise investment and will shed some light on possible defects.

Here are some of the things our agents are trained to look for:


  1. Are the floors even? Living with uneven floors is unsightly, unsafe, hard to keep clean and frankly, annoying.  The humidity in Florida can cause certain flooring to warp and lift after it is installed if it is not done correctly.  Those wood-like tiles are very difficult to install and a DIY job can lead to corner lifts and uneven tiling.  
  2. Perfect finishings.  Attention to detail is very important in remodeled homes. The little touches are the best indicator how much the contractor cared about the job and how much time and effort were put into the remodel.  Check how tight the bannisters are, look for gaps around doors, check to see if the windowsills are even, see if the moldings line up in the corners.  
  3. Pay close attention to the kitchen.  The kitchen will be the biggest chunk of change in any remodel.  Do the cabinets match? Are the cabinets good quality? Feel the cabinets.  Did the contractor dust off the cabinets prior to painting or can you feel the dust painted over? Do all of the appliances work? Do all of the appliances match? Was the backsplash installed correctly? 
  4. The home may be beautiful but are all of the major systems in working order? This may not come to light until the home inspection, but try to check the HVAC system, peek at the roof, check all of the windows, and check to make sure the electrical work looks updated.  Again, do not fret if you know nothing about the major systems! That is why we have home inspections! 
  5. Look for signs of water intrusion.  Walls that are bubbly, stains, discoloration, and sagging ceilings are all signs of water intrusion.  Water intrusion is no fun and it can be a serious, costly issue! Again, home inspectors are trained to spot signs of water intrusion, so even if you do not see it, they will find it! 
  6. After you are under contact, pay for a pest inspection.  We live in Florida and we are blessed with awesome weather.  However, it is not just humans who love the warm weather Florida offers.  You don’t want to buy a home to find out you have unwelcome visitors like termites, bedbugs, or roaches.  




We are happy to help you with all of your real estate needs.  We hope that by reading this article you see we are not just here to make a sale, we are here to make the RIGHT sale.  We want you to be thrilled with your new home and we never want anyone to have buyers remorse! That is why we train our agents to help you with every single step of the home purchasing process!