Going to the beach is a great time, no matter what time of year it is! But we know that it can be a hassle! Here are some of our tips to make your trip to the beach a little easier and a lot more relaxing.  

-If you are just beaching for the day, Uber or beach shuttles may be your best option.  Everyone loves our beaches and the parking can fill up very quickly!

-Bring sunscreen and set a timer! It is easy to get caught up in all of that fun in the sun.  Don’t get burnt because you forgot to reapply! That Florida sun is strong! 

-Don’t forget to hydrate (Sure, drinking alcohol may be fun but doesn’t count!) 



-If you plan to stay out after the famous Florida sunset, pack some bug spray! (Or ask the bar or restaurant you are at.  A lot of restaurants thoughtfully supply bug spray to keep guests comfortable)

-Sunset is a very popular time! If you hope to be sipping a cocktail while the sun is setting over your favorite bar, get there early.

-Mesh bags are your best friend.  Sand is fun while you’re at the beach but not at all once you get home.  Place belongings in a mesh bag and shape it out. (Away from other people please….) Mesh laundry hampers work well too.

-To get sand off of your body, sprinkle your body with baby powder.  The sand will wipe right off!

-Be aware of any rip current statements. If you do get caught in a current swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the current! You can then safely head to shore. If you try to fight the current, you will probably lose.  This is why the advice is to go with the current. 

-Despite our advice of setting a timer, did you still get a sunburn? Freeze aloe vera in a silicone ice cube tray for the best sunburn relief! Note: This is only for minor sunburns, not sun poisoning which may require medical attention. 



-Set your sandals face down so they aren’t scolding hot when you’re ready to put them on and head back home. 

-Protect your phone from sand and water by placing it in a ziplock bag! You can see through the plastic and your phone stays dry and safe.

-Hide your valuables in a creative way.  Use empty deodorant tubes, chapstick tubes, sunscreen bottles, or even baby diapers.  There are miniature safes that you can take to the beach to lock away your belongings as well, but this is much more cost effective! 

-Have a little one with you? Bring a kiddie pool to the beach! It keeps your little one in one place and keeps the sand off of them! Who knows, you may be able to relax on the beach for a few minutes with this trick! 

-Don’t forget to have some fun, take some photos, and relax.  It’s important to remember why you went to the beach in the first place! 



We are so lucky to have some of the world’s best beaches just minutes from us! Our beaches are beautiful, clean, and have a variety of activities to fit everyone’s needs!  Please remember that we love our beaches and we want them to remain beautiful and clean so clean up after yourself when you leave!!